Microsoft Inspire Awards


The UBUS is a new technology platform that aims to bring safety convenience to collective transportation through partnerships with local transportation companies for their users.

The solution will bring a new mobility concept similar to the existing transport applications but with an approach using approved and validated transport means given its integration with the transport companies.

Problems and Difficulties

The whole solution process showed the customer the need for a hosting platform that could cover all technological and security requirements so that the Product development team focused on the product eliminating concern with the basic management of the related Infrastructure.

Understanding the Solution as a whole and knowing part of the development already underway, the Microsoft Cloud Azure was presented to the client as a complete solution to the solutions hosting challenges. 

During the initial conversations the team of Software Architects of the client presented the solution idealized by them using basically the IaaS model through front-end Hosting servers with IIS on some servers (Scale) and SQL server in Always On.

Our Solutions

After the detailed understanding of the technical solution, software architecture and language defined by the client, the hosting model was completely changed, bringing to the scenario the hosting model 100% as a platform bringing with it all the benefits inherent to the model. In addition to the benefits already mentioned in the platform model, other services were presented and implemented in order to improve the experience and performance of the Solution, among them we can mention Azure Cache (Redis), CDN, Gateway API among others.

In the coming months other features will be included as Azure Functions, PowerBI and explored the possibility of using AI and B2C for identity management.

Figure 1