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Aliansce is a shopping mall management company in Brazil, being the third largest company in the sector in terms of its Gross Lettable Area.

It is also the second largest administrator of Malls in Brazil in terms of number of managed malls. She acts as owner and administrator, participating in all phases of the business, from the planning and development of the enterprise to its commercialization and administration.

Since 2006, it has developed and inaugurated eight shopping centers – Shopping Leblon, Bangu Shopping, Santana Parque Shopping, Caxias Shopping, Boulevard Shopping Brasilia, Floripa Shopping, Boulevard Shopping Belém and Shopping Parangaba. It has participation in 13 shopping centers in operation, two projects still in development and manages other 9 malls of third parties.

Problems and Difficulties

Aliansce has 22 applications, one for each mall under its administration. Each application had its own database with its registered users and credentials.

This infrastructure was difficult to maintain and detrimental to the business itself, since Aliansce customers had to register several times if they wanted to access the applications of different malls.
Within the applications, the user must be authenticated to access the various benefits, such as promotions, where it is possible to register the invoices of the purchases made in each shopping center through the qrcode of the note, thus gaining points according to the value of the purchase.

These points are accumulated and generate benefits, such as discounts on the acquisition of new products in the network of malls managed by Aliansce.
Because each application had its own base, it was impossible for users to have a centralized pool of points for the entire network.
idealized by them using basically the IaaS model through front-end Hosting servers with IIS on some servers (Scale) and SQL server in Always On.


Our Solutions

Azure Active Directory B2C was introduced to the customer because it is a flexible solution, and it is possible to create complex registration and login flows and policies, including customized fields and validation and custom layout.

Another point of great value is the high availability of the service, allowing support to millions of users and authentications per day. In this way, aliansce can worry less about infrastructure and focus all the effort in its core business.

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