Microsoft Inspire Awards 2020


Unidas helps its people to work with greater passion and purpose.

Unidas is the second largest car rental company in Brazil and a leader in fleet rental. Since 1985, Unidas has been committed to offering a wide variety of complete mobility solutions for individuals and companies. With more than 270 stores across Brazil, the customer just needs to select the state and city where the vehicle will be rented, which will be serviced in real time.

In order to continue developing great services and promoting change, Unidas needed to train its employees with the right technologies and information so that they would remain engaged with the company’s purpose and work from anywhere, anytime.


Digital transformation fuels a good reputation.

For three consecutive years, Unidas is considered one of the most loved companies in Brazil. According to the survey by Love Mondays, it is the only fleet rental company in the list of the 50 best companies in Brazil, having been evaluated by the employees themselves. The ranking of the most loved in the country considers the general satisfaction of the employee in relation to the company, remuneration and benefits, career opportunity, company culture and quality of life. The company’s reputation is certainly reflected in good customer service.


The adoption of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure based approach accelerates digital transformation.

The evolution of a project to reduce IT administration, deploying, correcting, updating and migrating data centrally was the first objective when Unidas contacted Venha Pra Nuvem, but also, the company wanted to help its more than 3 thousand employees to work in your homes in an intelligent, safe, fast and agile way.

”In our business, whenever the customer is going to rent a car, he decides with which company he will hire the lease. There is no difficulty or cost in changing the service provider. So, if we don’t deliver good service, we have a good chance of losing the customer. Our job is to pass this culture on, to reinforce the importance of serving the customer better and investing more and more in technology”, says Carlos Sarquis, Head of Rent a Car at Unidas.


Greater personalization leads to stronger connections.

Thanks to this digital solution from Venha Pra Nuvem, Unidas can elevate the employee’s experience like never before, in addition to reducing investments in equipment and security. Finally, with data being protected in a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environment, Unidas’ Information Technology team is positive that all employees are working remotely with the necessary resources to continue generating strong connections with the thousands of customers around Brazil.