Microsoft Inspire Awards 2020


Omega provides sustainable energy, one hundred percent clean and renewable.

In this era of instant connectivity, it is surprising that more than two billion people worldwide still lack electricity or reliable sources of energy. Omega makes energy supply in various regions of Brazil an essential part of its mission: in a safe, reliable, efficient, connected and sustainable manner. By redefining energy and automation, the company invents connected technologies that guarantee prosperity for everyone, everywhere, at any time.


Only a decade old.

Omega holds sixteen hundred percent renewable assets and has a contracted capacity of 1,194.9 MW in six of the main Brazilian states. Still, to boost its pioneering mission and achieve its ambitious goals, with energy potential to develop of 3,800 MW, Omega must continue to make energy increasingly efficient and sustainable.

With these audacious goals, Omega has a lean team of 210 highly qualified employees, operating through a consistent model of high performance culture and management to build a meritocratic, light, agile, ethical and transparent organization.


Omega transforms its employees, customers and suppliers into a unified team.

As in many companies, Omega’s history with Venha Pra Nuvem began when the company needed to expand its experience with Microsoft 365. The company launched an initiative to drive a significant change in technologies, enabling a mindset in which collaboration, communication and the ability to find the right people would be imperative. Initially, the goal was to configure 365 technologies and provide teams with the adoption of Microsoft Teams to consolidate communication between employees in an agile and secure way.


A lean team can save many lives.

The presence of Venha Pra Nuvem was crucial to increase productivity and the profound and habitual use, mainly, of Microsoft Teams, adding tangible value to employees, business and organization. In fact, with a solid investment in Digital Workplace and using Microsoft Teams, the company’s IT staff can bring together employees and partners across the country. The result: a unified and powerful customer experience.