Microsoft Inspire Awards 2021

Habibs helps his people work with greater passion and purpose. 

Habibs is the largest genuinely Brazilian restaurant chain and the largest Arab food chain in the world. There are 28 years of history with 22,000 employees, more than 430 restaurants throughout the country, 14 production centers and more than 9 billion esfihas sold.  

To continue developing great services and promoting change, Habibs needed to empower its franchisees with new technologies and correct information so that they would remain engaged for the purpose of the company. 


Digital transformation fuels good reputation. 

According to the institution itself, all this success was only possible because the company has always done everything with dedication, quality and great affection for its customers. 

The innovative franchise system, affordable prices and the concept of standardized foods with quality soon stood out in the market, conquering more and more franchisees for a verticalized system with its own production chain. 

Driven by entrepreneurship, innovation and passion, the company has built a success story that has won several awards over the years, in addition to being recognized for the high level of training of its professionals and high approval rate by consumers. 


Success Journey to the Cloud 

The evolution of a project to reduce IT administration, deploying, correcting, updating and migrating data centrally was the first goal when Habibs contacted Venha Pra Nuvem, but also, the company wanted to help its franchisees work on their units in a smart, safe, fast and agile way. That was exactly the mission of the partnership between Venha Pra Nuvem and Habibs. 

Finally, with data being protected in a Azure environment, the IT team of Brazil’s largest Arab food franchise network is confident that all franchisees are working remotely with the resources needed to continue generating strong connections with the thousands of consumers across the country.