Microsoft Inspire Awards 2021

Reinventing the Brazilian credit market 

CERC combines topics such as cybersecurity, business continuity, and enterprise resiliency to respond quickly to threats, minimize harm, and operate even in unexpected situations. Conduct your processes with the use of state-of-the-art technology, performs 24×7 monitoring and applies continuous improvements, which ensures greater robustness in information security. 


A state-of-the-art company needs cutting-edge tools 

Knowing that in today’s world data is essential to any new strategy, the company knew it needed robust tools to help achieve its goals. 

Its commitment to remain a market leader, coupled with unprecedented changes in the credit sector, has led CERC to radically simplify its products, eliminate internal pain points, and create fully digital customer experiences.  

As the main partner of digital transformation, Venha pra Nuvem aimed to facilitate 100% of the processing in the cloud environment with multiple layers of protection within its infrastructure and production systems. 


Simplifying complexity 

Prior to Venha Pra Nuvem, the company specializing in receivables had the challenge of providing a system with 99% compliance with the Central Bank of Brazil in the creation of an exclusive portal for developers of its main clients: financial institutions and accrediting companies. 

The Venha pra Nuvem team has developed a solution offering several forms of integration: API, file (CSV) and Webhook; layout and content tests of files or API with artificial intelligence; such as Anti-DDoS, firewalls, and monitoring of intrusion attempts and the adoption of preventive measures and disaster recovery mechanisms that are regularly tested. 

Thanks to this digital solution with the expertise of Venha pra Nuvem, CERC can elevate your customer experience like never before, as well as reduce investments in equipment and security.