Microsoft Inspire Awards 2021

Use of technology intensifies integration 

To maintain its status as a national reference, Capemisa Seguradora needed to stay ahead of market trends and offer relevant and exceptional services.  

Brought by the pandemic of covid-19 in early 2020, the company decided to completely change its organizational model to the remote work regime that proved safe, productive and is pointed out as definitive for the entire team of 280 people from the company’s headquarters, in addition to advising the insured, customers and suppliers. 

Finally, the company had to improve its management, administration, sales, services and marketing resources to keep up with market changes. 


Partnership that generates positive results 

Capemisa Seguradora relied on Venha Pra Nuvem to create a set of applications, services, connectors and data platform that provides a rapidly developing environment for the specific needs of the company, which saved it throughout the year 2020 in coping with the pandemic and restructuring in the care of policyholders. 

The partnership with Venha Pra Nuvem allowed Capemisa to expand its universe at Microsoft. Initially, the company used only Office 365 and Dynamics 365, but 70% of managers knew only the basic features.  

Investing in Power Apps-based apps has driven automation of all processes and greatly improved the employee experience. 


Simplifying the journey to the Cloud 

Only by simplifying the journey to the Cloud for a company with 60 years of experience and more than 1 million users can the industry’s pioneering insurer advise its policyholders to work fully on digital and omnichannel channels throughout the year 2020.   

In partnership with Venha Pra NuvemCapemisa Seguradora improved the customer experience by creating a relationship portal and completely changed its organizational model. One of the most significant changes that the company underwent was to obtain a unique view of the customer, being able to better serve customers and follow all internal and external processes.  

The corporate digital transformation process has been accelerated and no major project or business for the company’s growth has been discontinued. This context generated rapid adaptation of employees in telework. This consistent effort allowed a complete review of the processes, seeking optimization and agility of response in all areas of the business.